create something. Say something.

A Youth Art Project.

Artist Alise Hardy is looking for 8 artists to create work to exhibit during SALA (South Australian Living Artist) Festival in August 2018. 

We will meet one day every weekend (not far from the city) in May, June and July. In the holidays we might even meet more often.

You decide what you make, how you make it and what it is about. Nothing is impossible and Alise will work with you to make your creative vision happen.

The project will require focus, a positive attitude and a lot of hard work. You don't need to be 'good' at art to be a part of this. It's totally FREE for you, but you will need to commit for the duration. 

Application close: Sunday 29 April 2018
Notification: Tuesday 1 May 2018
Video/voice applications accepted via email.
Txt or call Alise: 0415 593 101
Email Alise:

Name *
Please provide a link to an image of the work.

If you are selected, we will have a confidential chat about whether there is anything I can do to help you access the project. I'll also need to talk to your parent/carers and get them to sign some forms.